The firm has become a full service litigation, arbitration, conveyancing and commercial law firm covering all areas of corporate, civil and commercial law with expertise in construction arbitration law, banking law, conveyancing and civil litigation.

Drawing all the relevant documentation and attending to the sale and purchase of real estate in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania including long term leases for apartments and townhouses, short term commercial and residential leases.

Drafting bank security documents such as debentures, mortgages and charges..

Advising on incorporation of private and public companies, foreign companies registering in Kenya and Uganda.

Drawing all forms of commercial agreements including but not limited to syndicated loan agreements forward funding agreements, joint venture agreements, project financing agreements, venture capital arrangements and turnkey project organization and planning, airport concessioning agreements.

Negotiating and drafting legal documentation for company acquisitions and disposals, acting as the transaction advisers, advising on private equity investment and management buyouts and takeovers.

Advising on regulatory and licensing requirements and compliance.

The firm is a registered Patent Agent with the Kenya Intellectual Property Office and advises on matters of Intellectual Property Law.

Advice on these intellectual property matters includes searching and renewing trademarks and trade names, obtaining patents registrations and preventing the unauthorized use of client's trademarks trade names and patents.

The firm advises on issues relating to various infringements, such as counterfeit and piracy, and on the means of remedying those infringements.

Additionally, we advise companies and organizations on intellectual property rights obligation under the various multilateral agreements of WTO and WIPO and the compliance of the affected countries in the region. The firm also attends to the registation of industrial designs and all matters ancillary thereto.

Advising on corporate reorganizations for private and public listed companies.

Advising on mining law and regulations in Kenya.

Advising the National Environment Management Authority of Kenya on matters relating to its enforcement of the provisions of the Environmrnt Management and Coordination Act No.8 of 1999.

Advising on income taxation on individuals and corporate taxation on business and Value Added Tax.

The firm specializes in commercial and civil litigation in both the superior and the appellate courts of Kenya. It regularly handles matters relating to:

1. Recoveries and foreclosure suits for banks.

2. Suits relating to property.

3. Winding up suits.

4. General civil suits.

5. Insurance matters.

The firm also specializes in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution with a bias on disputes arising from building contracts.